Are you planning to move to a new home? Here are easy moving tips that will ensure your move goes smoothly.

Planning a move seems like an overpowering task. But, with good advice, a little planning and few simple tricks, you can design a game plan that will make the move smooth. Take advantage of these moving tips to keep you sound and prepared during the move. You can print them or note the down to use them before and after you move.

Here Are 15 Important Things to Consider Before and After Your Move

  1. Take notes – Note down your shipment registration number, and keep it safe. You may need to call your mover to clarify something about your shipment.
  2. Sort and eliminate – Go through your house and decide what to keep and what you can get rid of. Remember some items may require special packing or insurance coverage.
  3. Help your pet relax – You need to keep your pet or pets away from the activities of moving. You can ask a friend to watch him at his house.
  4. Give children a job to do – have kids write their names, new street and town on the cartons from their bedrooms. This will help them become familiar with the new town.
  5. Get your bed ready – Label of your drawer for sheets and towels to ensure you do not search for these important things the first night in your new house.
  6. Mind the fridge – After cleaning and drying the inside of the fridge, put charcoal, baking soda or fresh coffee in a nylon stocking and keep it inside to keep the interior smelling fresh.
  7. Keep your phone book safe – You need to take your current phone-book with you. You never know, you might need to make some calls to businesses or residents back in your former place.
  8. Pack light/Pack heavy – You need to pack heavy things in small boxes and lighter items in bigger boxes.
  9. Remember to give out your cellphone number – Before the van moves for your new home, give the foreman your mobile number where they can reach you. You can also give him an alternative phone number in case you cannot be reached.
  10. Organize school records – Go to your kid’s school and ask for their records to be transferred to the new school.
  11. Be kind to your plants – When moving your plants to new residence, be kind to them. Do not let them rest against the windows, the leaves will die.
  12. Protect your memories – Memories are irreplaceable. If possible take them in your car, but if you decide to pack them, place blankets or bed sheets between framed photos or art.
  13. Remember the basic necessities – Toiletries, soap, toilet paper, screwdriver, telephone, pliers, cups, paper towels, can opener, snacks and cleaning suppliers are some of the items you might need upon arrival at the new home. To be safe, pack them in one box and ask the van foreman to load the box last so that will be uploaded first.
  14. Give your computer a break – Upon arrival to the new home, take a break from your computer and let it familiarize itself to the room temperature.
  15. Get professional help – Sit back, relax and leave the main task to the professionals.
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