When it is time for moving to a new home there are problems and concerns with moving and storage. Most of the issues of moving and storage are from improper handling, packing or planning. Preplanning will help eliminate most of the issues.

Tips for Use with a Professional Mover

When it comes to moving and storage, some people feel better with professional movers; especially when schedules are tight or the trip is cross-country. Moving and storage are easier with these tips.

  • Get everything packed before the movers arrive.
  • Verify the proper directions to the new location with the driver.
  • Keep everyone out of the movers way.
  • Deal with anything being left behind.

Tips for Do It Yourself People

Moving and storage have their own issues: but there are common guides that apply to both.

  • Smaller items go on top of larger pieces.
  • Appliances stay upright.
  • Keep refrigerators and freezers off their coils.
  • Cover furniture and glass with heavy blankets.
  • To avoid slipping and shifting weight, pack it tight.
  • Mark the boxes and containers.
  • Proper wrapping of items means you have them to use later.
  • Disassembling bed frames and mirrors provide more room and less damage.
  • Liquids and food items do not get packed with other stuff.
  • If you will need it quickly, such as bedding, clothing, or dishes, put it into the truck or storage last.

Moving Ideas

If you go the moving company route, all you do is pack. If you do the moving and storage yourself, take along some ideas for reference.

  • The larger or bulky items get loaded first.
  • Evenly distribute the weight in the truck.
  • Packing from the bottom up, front to back minimizes wasted space.
  • Don’t pack right to the door.
  • Keep some pillows and blankets unpacked.

Storing Ideas

The hassle of moving and storage for many people is in the storage. If storage needs are planned, packing can be an easier job to handle.

  • Place the unused items to the back.
  • Estimate the size needed, then go one size smaller and pack it floor to roof.
  • For proper storage of valuables and antiques, spend the extra cash to store them.
  • If you only need a few days storage, get a moveable container instead.
  • You can also sell off what you want in storage and get another one later.

Moving and storage are often a joint problem. Having a proper plan and strategy for the moving and storage of your belongings will enable them to reach each destination in one piece.

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