So you found a new home, or bought new property somewhere, and have decided to move into your new home right? Well, congrats on your progress. But then, almost as soon as you decide to move into a new home, the begin to battle with the choice of which moving company to go with. Well, you don’t have to worry that much anymore. In this article, I share with you the best tips on how to select the best moving company. Choosing a moving company is not as easy as searching for them on the internet. Any attempt at doing that will get you even more confused because thousands of companies offering the same service will show up in the search. Regarding how to select best moving company, the tips which follow will be very useful:

1. Stick With Licensed Firms

It is risky to do business with companies that do not have an operational license. This is because you cannot sue them if damages accrue to your property during the moving process. Besides, licensed firms are more serious with business than those that aren’t. Usually, moving firms obtain license from their state of operation. So go to the website of the state in question, search for the company’s license number in the database; if you find it, you’ve found a legitimate moving company.

2. Compare Service Quality

Make sure you sample people’s opinions about moving companies before you decide on which one to choose. I personally think it’s best to hear from your friends, family or acquaintance who have moved in the past. Find out the companies they used, and get recommendations. You should end up with about 3-4 companies in mind at the end of the day; call them for enquiries, then make up your mind. Make sure you read up reviews about these companies online. This will give more information than you even need because many of their previous clients will provide valuable information about them.

3. Compare Rates

You are moving into a new home; not into the white house or to some intercontinental suite. SO do not let any moving company reap you off with their expensive bills. There are so many moving companies around that spending even $5 more than necessary will be an utter waste of money. Whatever you budget is, there is a company for you. Find that company. 4. How Do They Handle Property? Some companies will handle you furniture and stuff with greater care than others. However, make it clear to the company you are choosing that you don’t want any damage to your belongings. Go for the ones who have a good history in this regard, or just tell them what you want from them and they will know what to do.


Now that you have all these in place, you are ready to move into your new home. Additionally, it will be important to guide whichever company you choose around your present home; let them know before hand if they will be dealing with an elevator or escalator; let them access the size of your stuffs so as to know how best to move them; cooperate with them and I believe you will get the best moving experience.

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